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Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
crooked or badly fitting name badges do not give a good first impression. That is why the badgepoint® name badges have a patented magnetic force system (smag®), are absolutely twist-proof and can withstand the special demands of everyday trade fairs. Wobbling and slipping belong to the past. In addition, a magnetic closure is recommended especially for representative fair clothing, because compared to the needle attachment, it protects your clothes and leaves no small holes.

By the way: Especially with short-term inquiries, we can reliably respond promptly with a delivery time within 24 hours through a consistent "Made in Germany" production and thus make your trade fair appearance a complete success. Just browse through our extensive range and find your new badgepoint® name badge easily at And best of all: In our online shop you pay no shipping costs within Germany!

Greetings from Ahrensburg
Your badgepoint® team
  Name badge polar® 35 "classic"  
  smag® magnet "standard" - 80 x 34 mm  
from 2,90 €
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  Name badge public 40  
  Combiclip - 76 x 39 mm  
from 1,10 €
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  Fair name badge vista® 40 "classic"  
  smag® magnet "standard"- 63 x 40 mm - anthracite  
from 2,10 €
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  Name badge forum 90  
  Lanyard (yellow) - 110 x 160 mm  
from 1,34 €
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