Name badges with patented power magnet.
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Dear Sir or Madam,
We take great pride in introducing our smag® magnetic system. This innovative system - designed specifically for use with name badges - was created by our development department, in close cooperation with users and experts in the field. As well as being practical for everyday use, badgepoint® magnetic badges have additional advantages over traditional fastening methods.

For example, the smag® magnet doesn’t pierce clothing the way a pin does, which makes it kind to clothes. It also prevents the tag from slipping, twisting loose or becoming detached.

The standard version of the versatile polar® name badge by badgepoint® always comes complete with a magnet. This series is the right choice if your badge is intended for continuous daily use in the service sector, in the food service sector and in the hotel industry. That’s why we decided to equip them with a fastening system that has already proven itself to be totally reliable in everyday use.

Discover a genuine “Made in Germany” high-tech product for a professional image that will impress your business associates, customers and guests alike. Take a look at our range of magnetic badges today!

Order now in the online store at and we deliver your name badges within 24 hours!

Greetings from Ahrensburg
Your badgepoint® team
  polar® 35 "classic"  
  smag® magnet "standard" - 80 x 34 mm  
from 2,90 €
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  polar® 35 "classic"  
  smag® magnet "extra strong" -
80 x 34 mm
from 2,90 €
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  profil 30  
  smag® magnet "standard"- 75 x 30 mm  
from 2,95 €
More details >
  amigo® "doming"  
  smag® magnet "extra strong" -
80 x 22 mm
from 6,70 €
More details >
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